Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is the social disorder. It has got many ways and types. Out of them all, harassing through visual, flirting, touching genitals, showing genital organs, showing nudity are main ways. It can happen to anyone in any place or location like in office by senior staffs to junior, on the way, in public transportation, in parties, discos, by relatives etc. If we need to elaborate this topic in more details, sexual harassment includes the following aspects.

1) Forcing for physical relation.

2) Touching, without ones interest.

3) Staring other in their genital parts.

4) Showing sexual organs.

5) Giving unnecessary calls, sending bluff messages, sexual movie clips.

6) Trying and asking more personal things.

7) Flirting excessively with inappropriate words.

8) Intentionally describing the clothes and sexuality.

9) Defining sexual body language.

10) Staring from top head to bottom leg.

11) Blocking the way.

12) Asking the sexual history.

13) Attaching everything to sex.

14) Rape attempt.

These are some of the ways of sexual harassment which mostly happens. Now i am going to put forth ways to get secure.

Be secured in public places:

a) If someone tries to flirt, just do not concentrate on them.

b) Reject with good attitude but with tough presentation and body language.

c) Talk to the point, if you need to talk and go your own way.

d) If he/she tries excessively, make your way towards the crowd and ask for help

Be secured in Public Transportation:

a) Try your best to stay not in window but in seat near to window ( if possible- because a person will not try to touch in sensitive area, if he/she knows you can leave the seat and go to another one ).

b) Try to be as normal and wear clothes which are not over exposed. And Hide your sensitive organs with bags or whatever you have in hand.

c) Never fall asleep in bus.

d) If possible stay with the one whom you know or seat with another girl in case for females.

e) Never let the person hide his hands under things like jacket, shirt, bag because no one will tend to touch if its seen by other people.

f) With confidence ask him/her to seat with manner in loud voice ( loud voice so others also hear and know the condition which gives social security too)

g) If the condition gets worse, threaten him to call other people or police.

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